Page 4 - Condensed Interim Financial Statements - September 2023
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Corporate Information

        Directors                               Legal Advisors
        Mr. Laith G. Pharaon                    Khan & Piracha
        Chairman Attock Group of Companies      Ali Sibtain Fazli & Associates
        Alternate Director - Mr. Shuaib A. Malik
        Mr. Wael G. Pharaon                     Registered Office
        Alternate Director - Mr. Babar Bashir Nawaz
                                                Pakistan Oilfields Limited
        Mr. Sajid Nawaz                         POL House, Morgah, Rawalpind, Pakistan.
                                                Telephone: +92 51 5487589-97
        Mr. Abdus Sattar
                                                Fax: + 92 51 5487598-99
        Mr. Shamim Ahmad Khan                   E-mail:
        Mr. Agha Sher Shah
        Mr. Shuaib A. Malik                     Shareholder’s Enquiries
        Chairman & Chief Executive              For enquiries about your shareholding,
                                                including information relating to
        Audit Committee                         dividends or share certificates, please:
        Mr. Shamim Ahmad Khan                   E-mail to: or
        Chairman                                Write to: The Company Secretary,
                                                       Pakistan Oilfields Limited
        Mr. Abdus Sattar                               POL House, Morgah, Rawalpindi,
        Member                                         Pakistan.
        Mr. Babar Bashir Nawaz
        Member                                  Share Registrar
        Mr. Agha Sher Shah                      CDC Share Registrar Services Limited
        Member                                  CDC House 99-B, Block ‘B’ S.M.C.H.S, Main
                                                Shahra-e-Faisal, Karachi.
        Human Resource and Remuneration         Telephone: 0800 23275 (CDCPL)
        (HR &R) Committee
                                                Quarterly Report
        Mr. Babar Bashir Nawaz
        Chairman                                The quarterly report can be downloaded
                                                from the Company’s website:
        Mr. Shuaib A. Malik           
                                                printed copies can be obtained
        Mr. Abdus Sattar                        by writing to:
        Member                                  The Company Secretary,
                                                Pakistan Oilfields Limited
        Company Secretary / CFO
                                                POL House, Morgah, Rawalpindi,
        Mr. Khalid Nafees                       Pakistan.
        Auditors & Tax Advisors
        A.F. Ferguson & Co.
        Chartered Accountants

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