Our Vision

To be the leading oil and gas exploration and production Company of Pakistan with the highest proven hydrocarbon reserves and production, and which provides optimum value to all stakeholders.

Our Mission

We aim to discover and develop new hydrocarbon reserves and enhance production from existing reserves through the application of the best available technologies and expertise.

In achieving our aim, we will maximize the return to our shareholders, fully protect the environment, enhance the well-being of our employees and contribute to the national economy.

Our Commitment

  • Continuous Supply: We are providing uninterrupted Oil and Gas supply since 1915.
  • Technology Leadership: Executing cost-effective and well-organized E&P operations by adopting advanced technology to increase operating efficiency.
  • Safe Operations: Enduring best and safe operational practices while maintaining adherence to high environmental standards.
  • Human Capital: Exploring and enhancing the potential of our human resources.
  • Business Value: characterized by excellent financial results, outstanding professional accomplishments and superior performance.
  • Interests Alignment: Aligning the interests of our shareholders, human resources, customers and other stakeholders.