Values are deeply ingrained principles that guide organizational actions. The Core values are central and enduring tenets of a successful organization.

POL is governed by its core values which distinguish us and guide our actions while shaping our corporate culture and reflecting the behavior essential to our relationship with all the stakeholders.

POL belives on:


POL values leadership qualities with the necessary managerial and professional competence coupled with integrity, energy and the drive to challenge the status quo.

Continuous quality improvement

We strongly believe that quality and an unyielding commitment to continuous improvement are indispensable ingredients to achieving success. At POL, we encourage and promote an environment conducive to the development of breakthrough ideas leading to innovative solutions.

Ethics and integrity

Honesty, ethical behavior and integrity combined with the highest professional and personal standards form the cornerstone of all our activities.


We believe in maximizing the return to our shareholders and enhancing the long term profitability of the company through the application of the best available technology and expertise.

Employees’ growth and development

We believe in the creation of an environment focused on encouraging and empowering employees to contribute to the company’s success through personal growth and development.

Community involvement

We strongly believe actively involving the communities in which we operate for the advancement of their cultural and social life.

Safety, health and environment

We care about the health and safety of our employees and of the communities in which we conduct our business. We remain deeply committed to respect and protect the environment.