What should I do with my share certificate?

Share certificates are evidence of your ownership and should be kept in a safe place. You will need them if you want to sell all or some of your shares in the future. We recommend that you keep a separate record of the certificate numbers and the number of shares each certificate covers in case of loss or damage. Share certificates are posted to shareholders at their own risk.

How can I transfer my shares?

If you intend to sell shares registered in your name, you have to complete a transfer deed form as per instructions given in the form and send the transfer deed to us. We will verify your signature from our record and return the verified transfer deed to you. You will then hand over the original share certificates along with the verified transfer deeds to the prospective buyer. The buyer will sign the transfer deed, affix the proper share transfer stamps and send the share certificates along with the executed transfer deed to the company for transfer in his/her name.

How can I deposit my shares in the CDC system?

If you wish to deposit your physical shares in the CDC, send the original share certificates and transfer deeds duly verified by the Company to your member stock exchange. The member stock exchange will enter transaction details in the CDC system and send a deposit request along with the share transfer deeds and share certificates to us. We will verify and approve the transaction, after which the physical share(s) will be canceled and withheld by the Company. After the approval, your shares would be deposited into the CDC system and can be transacted electronically.

What should I do if my shares are lost?

If you loose your share certificates due to any reason, you have to register an FIR with the concerned police station and advertise the facts in a newspaper. You should then submit an indemnity bond, a copy of the FIR and newspaper advertisement to the company. The company will inform all the stock exchanges about the lost shares. The stock exchanges will publish the details of lost shares in their daily bulletins. Duplicate share certificates will be issued in place of lost shares if the company does not receive any objection to the issuing of duplicate share certificates within 21 days from the respective stock exchanges.

What should I do if I loose my dividend warrant?

If your dividend warrant is misplaced, please submit an indemnity bond to the company with all the details of your holdings. The company will verify from its record of un-claimed dividends, inform the bank for stop payment of the lost dividend warrant and will issue a cheque in your name accordingly.